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      Calculators & Food Conversion Charts

        CAN SIZES (AMERICAN CAN SIZES) - Ellen's Kitchen
        The American can industry
          "...describes the dimensions of cylindrical cans by two three-digit numbers. The first number is the can's diameter and the second its height. In each number, the first digit is the number of whole inches, and the second two digits are the number of sixteenths of an inch..."
        American Can Sizes includes Weight, Cups and Uses for Can Size:
          "...1/4; 3/8; 1/2;
          1 Picnic; 1 Tall or Square; 12 oz. Vacuum;
          Number 211;
          Number 300; Number 303;
          Number 2; Number 2 1/2 (2.5);
          Number 3; Number 3 Squat; Number 3 Cylinder;
          Number 4; Number 10; etc..."
        For more information see Ellen's Kitchen

        COOKING INGREDIENT WEIGHT CONVERSION - Epicurean Online Multimedia Cooking Ingredient Weight Conversion & Cooking Temperature Conversion Calculators.
        Cooking Calculators include:
          Cooking Ingredient Weight Conversion Calculator:
            "...#2.5 can, #10 can, Barrel (U.K. Wine, U.K., U.S. Dry & Liquid),
            Bucket (U.K. & U.S.), Bushel (U.K. & U.S.), Centiliter, Coffee Spoon,
            Cup, Dash, Deciliter, Dekaliter, Demi, Dram, Drop, Fifth, Gallon (U.K. & U.S.),
            Gill, Hogshead, Jigger, Liter, Ounce, Peck, Pinch, Pint (Liquid & Dry),
            Quart, Shot, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, etc...."
          Cooking Cooking Temperature Conversion Calculator:
            "...Farenheit & Celsius..."
        For more information see Recipe Exchange or Epicurean Online

        COOKING CONVERSION - Robert Fogt,
        Cooking Calculators include:
          Common Cooking Conversions Calculator
            "...#2.5 can, #10 can, Barrel (U.K. Wine, U.K., U.S. Dry & Liquid),
            Bucket (U.K. & U.S.), Bushel (U.K. & U.S.), Centiliter, Coffee Spoon,
            Cup, Dash, Deciliter, Dekaliter, Demi, Dram, Drop, Fifth, Gallon (U.K. & U.S.),
            Gill, Hogshead, Jigger, Liter, Ounce, Peck, Pinch, Pint (Liquid & Dry),
            Quart, Shot, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, etc...."
          Butter Conversions Calculator
            "...Half Stick, Stick, Cup, Gram, Ounce, Pound, etc..."
          Oven Temperature Conversions
            "...Convert between gas mark and electric oven temperatures..."
        For more information see Onlineconversion

        COOKING CALCULATOR - FoodWine, Forkmedia LLC
        "...With this cooking calculator you can convert feet to meters, pounds to grams, gallons to liters, and Fahrenheit to centigrade..."
        Cooking Calculator includes:
          "...Cup to Fluid oz; Teacup to Cup; Cup to Glass; Cup to Wineglass;
          Fluid oz to Shotglass; oz to Grams; Lb to Kg; Calories to kJ; etc..."
        For more information see FoodWine

        Examples of Unit Conversion Tools For Culinary Arts include
          Conversion of measures for cooking ingredients
            Rice & Rice Flour;
            Yeast Equivalents; etc...
          Volume and Capacity Conversions
          Weight and Mass;
          Cafe Cup & Mug Volumes; etc...
        For more information see Beverage Digest Online

        EGG SIZES (BRITISH EGG SIZES) - British Egg Information Service, London, U.K.
        Egg Sizes includes New Size, Old Size & Weight in Grams for:
          "...Small Eggs, Medium Eggs, Large Eggs & Very Large Eggs..."
        For more information see the British Egg Information Service

        MEASUREMENT CONVERSION CALCULATOR - Jackson Frozen Food Locker
        Measurement Conversion Calculator includes:
          "...Drop, Dash, Pinch, Milliliter/cc, Coffee Spoon, Fluid Dram, Teaspoon (U.S, U.K.),
          Tablespoon (U.S, U.K.), Fluid ounce (U.S, U.K.), Cup (U.S),
          Pint (U.S liquid, U.S dry, U.K.), Quart (U.S liquid, US. dry, U.K.),
          Liter, Gallon (U.S liquid, US. dry, U.K.), Peck, Bushel, etc..."
        For more information see Ask The Meatman

        MICROWAVE OVEN CALCULATOR - E. Østergaard, Copenhagen, Denmark In English & Danish/Dansk.
        Microwave Over Calcculator
          "...Conversion table and calculator for microwave ovens (1000 watt, 850 watt, 750 watt, 650 watt, 550 watt, 450 watt)..."
        For more information see Erik Østergaard's Home Page

        Sourdough Calculator INPUT Values include:
          "...Dough Weight or Starter Weight;
          Dough Hydration Percentage;
          Starter Percentage of Total Dough, Starter as Baker's Percentage or Starter Flour as Baker's Percentage;
          Starter Hydration Percentage;
          Salt Percentage relative to Flour; ..."
        For more information see Bread & Sourdoughs

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