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Writing & Grammar Courses & Lessons,
Writing Guides, Writing for Newspapers & Magazines,
Writing Resumes, Business, Technical & Professional Writing,
Grammar Lessons, Parts of Speech,
Phrasal Verbs, Morphology, Verb Conjugation, etc.
(Text, Images, Animations, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

Vocabulary Lessons

Spelling (Word & Text Spell Checkers) ~ Typing Courses & Typing Tests

English Usage & Rhetorical Devices

Old English Dictionaries, Courses, etc.
(Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

Linguistics Courses, Lessons & Databases
(Text, Images, Animations, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

Writing Systems
(Text, Images & Audio/Sound)

Handwriting: 1500-1700 - Courses

Phonetics Courses & Lessons &
American Accents, Dialects, etc; Australian Accents, Dialects, etc;
New Zealand Accents, Dialects, etc.; International Index of Sounds, etc.
(Text, Images, Animations, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

U.S. English (American English), U.K. English (British English), U.K. English with Indian Accent,
Australian English, Indian English (English Spoken in India), Irish English, Scottish English
& South African English Text-to-Speech Demo's - TTS Demo's
(Text, Images & Audio/Sound)

Listening Courses & Lessons
(Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

English Dictionaries ~ English Encyclopedias (Encyclopædias)
(Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

English Dictionaries By Subject

Archaeology & Anthropology ~ Architecture & Construction

Art, Ballet, Music & Fashion ~ Botany & Gardening

Business & Finance ~ Common Names - Meaning & Origin

Computer, Internet, Internetworking, Cryptography

Drugs: Prescription & Over-The Counter

Engineering, Chemistry, Physics,
Geoscience, Materials Science, Mathematics

Environment, Epidemiology, Bioterrorism,
Parasites, Pesticides, Poisons, etc.

Food, Herbs, Wine, Cooking, etc.

Law ~ Linguistics ~ Medical ~ Military ~ Myths & Legends

Nuclear Energy ~ Occult & Paranormal ~ Old English

Philosophy ~ Printing & Topographic

Acronyms to Words in a Word:

Acronyms ~ Anagrams ~ Rhyming ~ Symbols ~ Thesaurus ~ Words in a Word


Poetry ~ Ballads ~ Quotations ~ Literature

Languages: A-G ~ Languages: H-R ~ Languages: S-Z

Indigenous Languages ~ Sign Language & Braille

Writing Systems, Body Language,
Languages (Sounds) of Birds, Fish, Frogs, Insects, Seals, Whales, etc.

Linguistics, Language Journals, Fonts, Keyboard, Resources

Language Center

Language Center ~ Home Page

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