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Currently the Calculators On-Line Center contains
over "22,125" Calculators & Spreadsheets,

over "4,420" Courses, Lectures, Manuals, Handbooks,
& "1,000's" of Movies, Videos, Simulations & Animations

(Courses, Lectures, Textbooks,
Manuals, Spreadsheets, Calculators, Videos, etc.)

Commercial & Home Construction, Design & Repair

Civil Engineering (All Inclusive),
Structural Engineering,
Civil Engineering Principles & Practice Exam Review

Building Design,
Structural Analysis, Loads on Structures, etc.

Design, Structural Analysis, Restoration, etc.
of Museums, Libraries, Churches, Historic Structures, etc.

Construction Calc's, Cash Flow & Costs

Erosivity Index, Water Runoff Prediction - New Construction

Heat Transmission Properties of Building Materials

Construction Equipment

Wood Design, Wood Construction,
Wood Properties & Engineered Properties

Steel Design & Construction

Fabric Structures

Glass, Glazing, Windows

Sealants ~ Insulation

Wind Engineering,
Wind Load for Structures, Fence Posts, Trees, etc.

Pavement Engineering & Design, Paving Techniques

Aggregates ~ Asphalt

Concrete & Concrete Construction

Rebar (Concrete Reinforcing Steel) ~ Welded Wire Reinforcement

Brick, Masonry &
Stone (Cantera, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine, etc.)

Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics
Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials
Beams, Columns, Trusses, Tensegrity,
Stress, Strain, Rivets, Welds, etc.

Mechanics of Materials Laboratory
Materials Testing

Airport Design & Engineering

Road, Highway Design & Engineering

Bridge Engineering, Planning & Design

Explosives Engineering

Earthquake Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Railroad Engineering

Hydrology Engineering, Hydraulics Engineering,
Culverts, Geohydrology, Reservoir Engineering, etc.

Pipe Design Systems & Engineering
Cast Iron Eng., Clay Pipe Eng., Concrete Pipe Eng.,
Copper Pipe Eng., Ductile Iron Pipe Eng., etc.;
Manholes, Catch Basins, Inlets, etc.

Geotechnical Engineering

Engineering Center

Calculators On-Line Center

Wood Design, Construction,
Wood Properties & Engineered Properties

Wood Databases, Handbooks, etc.

Wood Engineered Properties and Structures Databases, Manuals, etc.

Wood Frame Construction Courses & Manuals

Building IBC 2006 Heights and Areas

Wood-to-Wood, Wood-to-Concrete, Wood-to-Steel Connections

Live Load, Dead Load, Snow Load, Wind Pressure, Wind Force, etc.

Wood Columns

Joists, Rafters & Headers Span

Studs & Tall Walls for Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Roof Framing


Concrete Courses, Manuals, Lectures, Textbooks, etc. including
Properties of Concrete,
Design of Concrete Structures,
Design of PreStressed Concrete Structures,
Mechanics and Design of Concrete,
Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC),
Federal Highway Administration Concrete Manuals,
Concrete Repairs, Nondestructive Testing of Concrete,
Long Term Pavement Performance, etc.

Modeling and Measuring
the Structure and Properties of Cement-Based Material

Concrete Mix Design, Concrete Performance,
Performance Assessment of Underground Concrete Structures,
Optimal Mixture Proportions for Concrete, etc.

Concrete Cement 3D Datasets
of Hydrating Cement, Plaster of Paris, etc.

Portland Cement Association's
Concrete Building Design & Construction, Guides, Manuals, etc.

Concrete Ready-Mix; Concrete Masonry Block Walls, Columns, etc.

Concrete Foundations, Footings, Slabs

Concrete For Fence Posts ~ Concrete Color Addition

    Brick, Masonry & Stone (Cantera, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine, etc.)



        Brick Architect & Builders Manuals, Technical Documents, etc.

        Examples of "Architect & Builders - Brick" Manuals, Technical Documents, etc. Subject Categories & Subcategories include
          Examples from over "40" Technical Documents (PDF) include
            "...Block Lintel Capacities;
            Brick Color Selection;
            C652 Hollow Brick - Construction Specifier;
            Chimney Repair;
            Clay Brick vs. Concrete Brick;
            Corbelled Masonry;
            Leaky Walls in Brick Buildings; etc..."
          Examples from over "60" Detail Drawings (PDF) include
            "...Bay Window Flashing;
            Brick Veneer Foundation Wall;
            Detail Masonry Chimney;
            Detail Pre-Fab Chimney;
            Elliptical Arch;
            Flashing at Parapet;
            Palladian Arch;
            Paving - Bonded Clay Paver Edge Restraint;
            Paving - Proprietary Edge Restraint System;
            Paving - Typical Brick Pavement;
            Paving - Typical Commercial-Pedestrian Public Plaza-Sidewalk;
            Paving - Typical Residential Driveway;
            Segmental Arch; etc..."
          Architectural Catalog Shapes;
          BIA Builder Notes; etc.
        Examples of "General Shale Brick's" Calculators include
          General Shale Brick's "Wall Cost Calculator"
            Examples of "Wall Cost Calculator" INPUT Values include
              "...Birck Size: M/S, Q/M, K/S, E/M, Utility, Elite, Custom, etc.
              Total Job Wall Area (Sq. ft);
              Number of Bricks per Sq. ft;
              Number of Motar per M Bricks;
              Tons of Sand per M Briks;
              Sand Cost per Ton;
              Total Number of Ties;
              Brick Wast Factor;
              Mortar Cost per Bag;
              Brick Cost per M;
              Labor Cost per M Brick;
              General Contractor Mark-up; etc..."
        For more information see General Shale Brick

        Brick Construction Technical Notes

        BRICK CONSTRUCTON TECHNICAL NOTES - Brick Industry Association Multimedia Brick Construction Technical Notes (Text & Images). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Technical Notes on Brick Construction
          " a series of bulletins that contain design, detailing, and construction information based on the latest technical developments in brick masonry. Drawings, photographs, tables, and charts illustrate appropriate topics..."
        Examples of the Brick Industry Association's "Brick Construction Technnical Notes" Categories include
          Building Code Requirements;
          Material Properties & Heat Transmission;
          Sound Insulation-Clay Masonry;
          Painting Brick Masonry;
          Water Penetration Resistance & Condensation;
          Mortars for Brick Masonry;
          Manufacturing of Brick;
          Estimating Brick Masonry; Brick Sizes; Guide Specs; etc.
        For more information see the Technical Notes or the Brick Industry Association


        Masonry Wall Systems Details

        MASONRY WALL SYSTEMS DETAILS -, Produced by the Masonry Institute of Washington, Kirkland, Washington Multimedia Masonry Wall Systems Details (Text & Images). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Click on "State"
        Masonry Wall Systems Details
          "...A No-Fee Library for Quality Masonry Construction Details..."
        Examples of "Masonry Construction Details" Sections, Subsections & Sub Subsections include
          Brick Wall Systems Details
            Brick Veneer
              "...Veneer w/CMU Backup w/Rigid Insulation;
              Veneer w/Stud Backup with Batt Insulation; etc..."
            Structural Brick
              "...Typical Wall Section;
              Footing w/Joint Isolation;
              Window w/Sloped Brick Sill;
              Expansion Joint (Plan; etc..."
          CMU Wall Systems Details
            Structural CMU
              "...Typical Wall Section;
              Foundation w/CMU Header;
              Window Sill w/CMU Sill;
              Window Head;
              CUM Corners; etc..."
            Veneer w/CMU Backup (Rigid Insulation);
            Veneer w/Steel Stud Backup; etc.
          Stone Wall Systems Details
            Natural Stone Veneer w/Steel Stud Backup
              "...Typcial Wall Section;
              Exposed Foundation;
              Window Jamb;
              Parapet - Metal Coping;
              Expansion Joint (Plan); etc..."
            Natural Stone Veneer (Thin) w/Steel Stud; etc.
          Special Masonry Applications
            Glass Block Wall Systems Details
              "...Foundation w/Stone Sill;
              In Brick Veneer Wall System @ Glass Block Jamb;
              Plan Detail @ Partition Wall; etc..."
            Thin Veneer w/Steel Stud Backup.
        For more information see Masonry Details or the Masonry Institute of Washington

        Masonary Technical Guides & Manuals

        MASONARY TECHNICAL GUIDES & MANUALS - Masonry Advisory Council Multimedia Masonary Technical Guides & Manuals (Text & Images). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Masonry Advisory Council's Masonary Technical Guides & Manuals include
            "...Brick; Concrete Masonry; Stone-Cast Stone; Mortar; Grout; Flashing; etc..."
            "...Movement Joints; Fireplaces & Chimneys..."
          Guidelines for Maintaining Masonry Structures;
          Residential Masonry;
          Chicago Area Masonry Cost Guide; etc.
        For more information see the Masonry Advisory Council

        NORTHWEST MASONRY GUIDE - Masonry Institute of Washington, Kirkland, Washington Multimedia Northwest Masonry Guide (Text & Images). VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. For more information see the Masonry Institute of Washington

        Concrete Masonry Construction Calculators

        Examples of Concrete Masonry Construction Calculators include:
          Concrete Masonry Block Calculators;
          Raking Gable Concrete Masonry Walls Calculator;
          Circular, Curved, Concrete Masonry Walls Calculator;
          Starter Bar Vertical Steel Reinforcing Map Calculator;
          Concrete Masonry Fence Calculator;
          Bond and Gage Calculator; etc..."
        For more information see Blocklayer


Mechanics of Materials - Structural Mechanics
Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials,
Beams, Columns, Trusses, Tensegrity, Stress,
Strain, Rivets, Welds, etc.

Courses, Lectures, Textbooks in Mechanics of Materials,
Statics, Dynamics & Strength of Materials, Mechanics of Solids, Trussworks,
Frameworks, Steel Sections, Torsion, Rivets & Welds, Yield Analysis, etc.
(Text, Images, Simulations, Applets, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound)

Structural Mechanics Courses, Textbooks, etc.

Beams, Beam Analysis, Beam Buckling, Beam Theory,
Beam Deflection, Deflection, Stress, Cantilever Beams, etc.

Concrete & Steel Column Design

Construction of Steel Framed Structures

Tensegrity, Tensegrity Design


        Structural Steel Columns Calculator
          " designed specifically for structural steel columns. Columns made by other materials (e.g. aluminum alloys) should use other formulas..."
        Structural Steel Columns Calculator INPUT Values include:
          "...Young's Modulus; Yield Stress; Proportional Limit;
          Effective Length of the column; Radius of Gyration;
          Safety Factor..."
        For more information see Calculators or Engineering Fundamentals

Roads - Highways

Highway Planning, Design,
Construction Courses, Manuals, Software, etc.

U.S. Federal Highway
Planning, Design, Construction Manuals, Software, etc.

State Highway
Planning, Design, Construction Manuals, Software, etc.

Traffic Control Devices:
Roadside Signs, Markings, Traffic Signals Engineering, etc.

Pedestrian Sidewalks, Paths,
Bicycle Paths, Trails Design, Construction, etc.

Highway Landscape,
Roadside Rest Area System, Highway Barrier Aesthetic, etc.

Hydraulics Engineering
Related to Highway Design, Construction, etc.

        State Highway Design Manuals, etc.

        ROADWAY DESIGN CALCULATORS - New Jersey Department of Transportation VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. For more information see Tools; Engineering or the New Jersey Department of Transportation

        DESIGN MANUAL - North Dakota Department of Transportation Multimedia Design Manual (Text & Images). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Design Manual
          "...This manual provides a convenient guide for NDDOT policies, procedures, and design values that are presently recommended for road and bridge designers. Designers and other users should follow the policies, procedures, and guidelines; as well as other guidance and principles provided by AASHTO and other publications..."
        Examples of the North Dakota Department of Transportation's "Design Manual" Chapters include
          "...General Design;
          Roadway Design;
          Structural Design;
          Hydraulic Studies and Drainage Design; etc..."
        For more information see the Manuals & Publications or the North Dakota Department of Transportation

          Also See

            Standard Drawings
            Standard Drawings include over "300" Drawings including
              "...Transverse Construction Joint; Pile Splice Details;
              Steel Structural Plate Pipe; Construction Sign Details;
              Traffic Control System; Standard Slope Protection Under Bridges;
              Inlets; Precast Concrete Curb Sections; Concrete Driveways;
              Sidewalk and Curb Ramps; Sign Punching, Stringer, and Support Location Details;
              Guardrail At Bridge; Pavement Marking; etc..."

        HIGHWAY DESIGN MANUAL, ROAD PLANS, ETC. - Iowa Department of Transportation Multimedia Highway Design Manual (Text, Images, & Simulations). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Examples of the Iowa Department of Transportation's "Highway Design Manual, Road Plans, etc." Chapters & Subchapters include
            "...Horizontal Curve Design; Vertical Curve Design;
            Spiral Curve Design; Reverse Curve Design; etc..."
          Cross Sections
            "...Shoulders at Superelevated Curves; Paved Shoulders;
            Subgrade Slopes; Medians; Median Crossovers; Intercepting Ditches;
            Berms and Benches; etc..."
            "...Calculating Spread and Checking Intake Location;
            The Pavement Drainage Design Sheet; Design of Storm Sewer Pipe;
            Cost Estimates and City Agreements;
            Rural Drainage Design; Livestock Passes;
            Removing or Filling Existing Culverts;
            Subdrains; Bridge End Drains; etc..."
            "...Rock Excavation;
            Culvert Backfill and Excavation Quantities; Borrow Design; etc..."
          Geometric Design
            "...Rumble Strips at Intersections;
            Cross Sections of One-Way Ramps and Loops;
            County Roads through Interchanges;
            County Roads Over Primary Highways;
            Four-Lane Expressway Turn Lanes;
            Continuous Two-Way Left-Turn Lanes (TWLTLs); etc..."
            "...Jointing Guidelines;
            Jointing Urban Intersections; Granular Surfacing;
            Determination of Reinforced Bridge Approach Section Dimension;
            Pavement Markings; etc..."
          Traffic Control
            "...Fundamental Principles of Traffic Control;
            Traffic Control Plans;
            Basic Requirements of Traffic Control Devices;
            Signs; Channelizing Devices;
            Pavement Markings and Delineators;
            Warning Lights; Arrow Displays;
            Road Closure Barricades and Safety Closures; etc..." etc.
        For more information see Office of Design or the Iowa Department of Transportation

        HIGHWAY PLANNING, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, OPERATIONS, ETC. - Texas Department of Transportation Multimedia Highway Planning, Design, Construction, Operations Technical Manuals (Text, Images, & Simulations). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Examples of the Texas Department of Transportation "Highway Planning, Design, Construction, Operations, etc." Technical Manuals include
          Bridge Manuals
            "...Bridge Design Manual; Bridge Detailing Manual;
            Bridge Inspection Manual;
            Bridge Project Development Manual; Bridge Railing Manual;
            Geotechnical Manual; Historic Bridge Manual;
            Hydraulic Design Manual; etc..."
          Design Manuals
            "...Landscape and Aesthetics Design Manual;
            Pavement Design Manual; Project Development Policy Manual;
            Project Development Process Manual;
            PS and E Preparation Manual; Roadway Design Manual; etc.."
          Materials and Tests Manuals
            "...Soils and Aggregates Test Procedures;
            Traffic Signal and Illumination Procedures;
            Bituminous Test Procedures Manual;
            Cement Test Procedures Manual;
            Concrete Test Procedures Manual;
            Asphalt Test Procedures Manual;
            Chemical Test Procedures Manual;
            Structural Test Procedures;
            Coatings and Traffic Materials Test; etc..."
          Construction Manuals; Maintenance Manuals; etc.
        For more information see Texas Department of Transportation Manuals or the Texas Department of Transportation

        HIGHWAY DESIGN MANUAL - Division of Design, California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Multimedia Highway Design Manual (Text & Images). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Highway Design Manual
          "...This material has been designed to familiarize the user with the Highway Design Manual and other design guidelines. The targeted audiences for this training are entry level engineers, technicians and planners. Because the material is focused on current or repetitive design and process issues, all engineering staff and managers are encouraged to utilize this training..."
        Examples of the California Department of Transportation's "Highway Design Manual" Chapters include
          "...Geometric Design and Structure Standards;
          Geometric Cross Section;
          Intersections At Grade;
          Traffic Interchanges;
          Pavement Engineering;
          Pavement Engineering Considerations;
          Rigid Pavement; Flexible Pavement; Composite Pavements;
          Pavement Drainage;
          Base and Subbase;
          Structure Approach Slabs;
          Hydrology; Cross Drainage; Roadway Drainage;
          Subsurface Drainage;
          Channel and Shore Protection;
          Underground Disposal;
          Storm Water Management;
          Landscape Architecture;
          Bikeway Planning and Design; etc..."
        For more information see the Manuals and Guidance; Division of Design or the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)

        ROADWAY DESIGN MANUAL - Engineering, New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Multimedia Roadway Design Manual (Text & Images). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Examples of the New Jersey Department of Transportation's "Roadway Design Manual" Chapters include
          "...Basic Geometric Design Elements;
          Major Cross Section Elements;
          At-Grade Intersections;
          Guidelines for Guide Rail Design and Median Barriers;
          Guidelines for the Selection and Design of Crash Cushions;
          Drainage Design;
          Highway Lighting Systems;
          Traffic Signal Design; etc..."
        For more information see the Engineering or the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)

          Also See

            Roadway Design Drawings
            Roadway Design Drawings include
              "...Roadway Construction Details; Traffic Control Details;
              Bridge Construction Details;
              Bridge Manual Standard Drawing Plates;

            Traffic Signal Design
            Traffic Signal Design
              "...The term "traffic signals" can include many types of control signals: pedestrian signals, lane-use control signals, hazard identification beacons, school sign flashing beacons, moveable bridge signals, priority control signals,..."

Hydrology Engineering,
Hydaulics Engineering, Forest Hydrology,
Geohydrology, Reservoir Engineering, etc.

Hydrology Engineering, Hydraulics Engineering, Hydrogeology

Dams, Reservoirs & Power Plants Database

Water Chemistry, Water Quality,
Lake Monitoring, Water Measurement, Turbidity, Water Density, etc.
Manuals, Courses, Lectures, Textbooks, etc.

Hydrology, Hydraulics, Hydraulic, Hydrologic Calculators & Spreadsheets

Hydrology, Hydraulic, Hydrologic, Hydrogeology Courses, Lectures, etc.

Classification and Description of Geologic Materials,
Geologic Mapping, Water Testing, etc. Manuals, Handbooks, etc.

Construction Control of Soils used as Foundations
and Materials for Dams, Canals, etc. Manuals, Handbooks, etc.

Erosion, Sedimentation, Bedform Sedimentology Manuals, Handbooks, etc.

Design & Construction of Dams, Reservoirs, Flood Control Channels,
Navigation Locks, Inlets and Estuary Channels, Small Canal Structures, etc.
Manuals, Handbooks, Technical Notes, Software, etc.

Repair of Dams, Reservoirs, etc.
Manuals, Handbooks, Technical Notes, etc.

Reservoir Modeling ~ Culverts, Channels, Culvert Hydraulics

Erosivity, Water Runoff ~ Groundwater, Groundwater Modeling

Levees ~ Reservoirs, Lakes, Ponds, Streams

Geotechnical Engineering,
Geology Engineering, Rock Engineering,
Geo-Engineering Courses, Databases, Manuals, etc.

Geoscience: Fish Habitats,
Fish Protection at Water Diversions, Hatchery Breeding, etc.
Courses, Databases, Manuals, etc.

Water, Wastewater Treatment Engineering Courses, Databases, Manuals, etc.

Pipe Design Systems & Engineering

Cast Iron Pipe Engineering

Clay Pipe Engineering & Microtunneling

Concrete Pipe Engineering ~ Copper Pipes, Tubes & Fittings Engineering

Ductile Iron Pipe Engineering ~ Manholes, Catch Basins & Inlets

Pipe Systems
Non Pressure Gravity Pipelines, Pipe Friction, Strength, etc.

Engineering Center

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