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Currently the Calculators On-Line Center contains
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Quantum Mechanics Courses, Lectures, Calculators, etc.
(Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Hilbert, Interference, Tunneling, etc.)

Quantum Computation

Radiation ~ Relativity & Tensors

Scattering, Absorption & Extinction ~ Sensors & Devices


Sports Physics
Auto Racing ~ Baseball ~ Billiards & Pool
Football ~ Lasso & Roping ~ Rowing ~ Surfing

Statistical Mechanics ~ String Theory ~ Thermodynamics

Wave Interaction & Simulations

Physics Center

Calculators On-Line Center

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics Courses, Textbooks, etc.
(Calculators, Applets, Animations, Simulations & Videos/Movies)

Quantum Mechanics Lessons
(Calculators, Applets, Animations, Simulations & Videos/Movies)

Bohr ~ Schrödinger ~ Hamiltonian ~ Fermi

Coherent States of Quantum Harmonics

Hilbert Curves, Sierpinski Curves, Peano Curves

Kronig-Penny Model

Quantum Interference ~ Quantum Barrier Penetration/Quantum Tunneling



        QUANTUM PHENOMENA SIMULATIONS - Physics Education Technology, Department of Physics, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Colorado Multimedia Physics Simulations Lessons (Text & Images). VERY VERY EXTENSIVE.
        Examples of Quantum Phenomena Simulations include
          "...Quantum Tunneling and Wave Packets;
          Quantum Bound State;
          Quantum Wave Interference;
          Stern-Gerlach Experiment;
          Double Wells and Covalent Bonds; etc..."
        For more information see Physics Simulations; Simulations or the Department of Physics

        VISUAL QUANTUM MECHANICS (QUICKTIME) - Bernd Thaller, Institute for Mathematics & Scientific Computing, Karl-Frazens-Universität Graz, Austria In English & German/Deutsch. Multimedia Quantum Mechanics Lessons (Text, Images & Videos/Movies). VERY VERY EXTENSIVE.
        Examples of "Quantum Mechanics" Video Lessons include
          Free motion
            "...Direction of motion in 1D Video;
            Superposition of Gaussian states in 2D Video; etc..."
          Boundary conditions
            "...Unit function in a Dirichlet box Video;
            Double-slit experiment Video; etc...."
          Harmonic Oscillator
            "...Squeezed state in 2D Video;
            Constant shape of a shifted eigenstate Video; etc..."
          Special Systems
            "...Free fall of a Gaussian;
            Gaussian in a constant magnetic field; Aharonov-Bohm effect Video..."
            "...Potential step in momentum space Video;
            Tunneling through a barrier Video;
            Scattering at a cylindrical barrier Video; etc..."
        Advanced Quantum Mechanics Video Lessons include:
          Hydrogen Atom
            "...Superposition state Video; Oscillation Video; etc..."
          Dirac Equation
            "...Zitterbewegung (free motion) Video;
            Lorentz transformation Video;
            Smooth potential well (positive energy) Video;
            Smooth potential well (negative energy) Video;
            Scattering at a high potential step;
            Scattering at a very high step (Klein's paradox) Video; etc..."
        For more information see the Visual Quantum Mechanics

        WAVE PACKETS AND THE CLASSICAL LIMIT OF QUANTUM MECHANICS - Carlos R. Stroud, Jr., Institute of Optics, University of Rochester Multimedia Wave Packet Lessons (Text, Images, Animations & Simulations). VERY VERY EXTENSIVE.
        Examples of "Wave Packet and the Classical Limit Quantum Mechanics" Subject Categories & Animations include
          Circular Orbit Wave Packets
            "...Motion of a hydrogen circular orbit wave packet;
            Strobed motion of a circular orbit wave packet;
            Spreading of a hydrogen circular orbit wave packet; etc..."
          Core Scattering
            "...Core Scattering in Elliptic States: Hydrogen vs. Sodium;
            Core Scattering in Sodium: Classical vs. Hydrogenic Behavior..."
          Infinite Square Well Wave Packets
            "...Gaussian Wave Packet; Decay of High Momentum Wave Packet; etc..."
          Terahertz Pulses
            "...Shaping of a Terahertz Pulse by a Slit in a Thin Screen;
            Shaping of a Terahertz Pulse by a Slit in a Thick Screen..."
        For more information see the Institute of Optics

Quantum Computation

Handbook of Quantum Information
for Undergraduates, Graduates & Scientists

Undergraduate Quantum Computation,
Qubits, Quantum Information Courses, Lectures, Textbooks, etc.

Graduate Quantum Computation,
Quantum Information Courses, Lectures, Textbooks, etc.

Quantum Computer Calculators & Simulations

Quantum Cryptography Courses, Lectures, etc.
(Mathematics Center)


Thermodynamics for Students, Engineers & Scientists
Courses, Lectures, Textbooks, Tools, etc.

Thermochemical - Thermochemistry

Thermodynamics & Thermophysical Properties

Binary Phase Equilibria ~ Chemical Equilibrium with Applications (CEA)

Thermodynamics of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions

Heat Conduction, Heat Transfer & Thermal ~ Inorganic Chemical Thermodynamics

Liquid Helium Thermodynamic Properties ~ Psychrometric

Thermal Gas-Phase & Chemical Reactions


Thermodynamics of the Internal Combustion Engine

Physics Center

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